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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mr. Ed

I watched an episode of Mr. Ed at work tonight.
It was the weirdest TV show I've ever seen... but I really enjoyed it. I was like legitimately "ell oh elling", and my co-workers probably thought I was really weird.
I was fascinated by Mr. Ed's "talking". I was intrigued as to why the horse lived in the house and only "spoke" to Wilbur.
The episode was about "teenagers". I love how "teenagers" was a new thing in the 50's. A new group of consumers to be "tapped" by corporations. It was a simpler time... now all the tweens do is sext each other.
N E Wayz... watching Mr. Ed tonight made me long to have TV again. I've seriously only had a TV with basic cable for probably 18 months of the past 5 years or so... and while I h8 most TV and don't really watch it when I did have it, it's really good for watching random episodes of stuff like Mr. Ed. When I move soon I'm gonna get my TV hooked up. Just you wait and see.

Mr. Ed is really cool... here he is hanging with the Dodgers and taking my hero Sandy Koufax deep.

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