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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

H8 mnstrm "competition shows"

I really h8 mainstream network TV "competition" shows so much. I really think they're so awful and lowest-common-denominator... and they make me feel bummed/worried about the state/future of America.

"The Bachelor" is the worst. This show is the most demeaning, primitive thing on TV. It's the equivalent of when farmers bring a bull into a pen with a bunch of lady-bulls and watch the bull "hump the crap" out of all the lady-bulls all day. This show is just so pitiful... I can't believe people actually get married after meeting on this show. "The Bachelor" is why women will never be equal to men in most mainstream American eyes. "The Bachelor" reinforces domestic abuse and the objectification of women.

I really h8 crap like "The Biggest Loser". This show makes people feel better about themselves by watching a bunch of obese people struggle with their daily lives. They "root" for them to conform to society/not die from being fat, all while reinforcing their own life choices for not being a "fat loser" like the show's contestants. I just think being concerned about other people's health/weight/ obeseness is so boring. It's really not affecting you at all... if we had socialized medicine and we were actually paying for their doctor's visits or something then... yeah, I can see how you could potentially be involved in the health of others, or the "collective health". But we don't, so you shouldn't. If somebody wants to eat Mickey D's all day and have triple D's... so be it. The whole idea of "rooting for strangers to lose weight while also making me feel better about myself for not being them" is just incredibly boring/sad to me.

I h8 "Dancing With the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" because I just don't care. These "stars" are boring. And I haven't even thought or cared if they had the capacity to dance. And dancing is boring and stupid anyways. Leave me alone with that stuff.

And of course, no diatribe about these awful, sign-of-the-apocalypse, incredibly successful mainstream network TV "competition" shows would be complete without "American Idol". This show gives mainstream Americans the "power" to make or break the lives of strangers. It makes people feel "important", feel "meaningful", feel "entertained". We're like the Roman emperors at the Coliseum, giving a "thumbs up or down" about the strangers who are here to mildly, innocently entertain us with their jazzy renditions of popular songs I h8. This somehow makes mainstream Americans feel "important", feel "part of something bigger" than their mundane lives. Not to mention the first couple episodes are practically making fun of all the handicapped/mentally challenged people that sing for the judges/America's derision.

N E Wayz... these shows really bum me out to no end. They make me feel alone/scared for the future.

Just wish every show was like 30 Rock/Curb Your Enthusiasm/Mad Men/Freaks and Geeks/The Wire/The Office/The Sopranos/Dr. Katz/Friday Night Lights/Doug/Pete and Pete/Speed Racer/The State/Mr. Show.

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