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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"That one"? "THAT ONE"?

So, after all the hate that spewed out at the McCain campaign rallies, you'd think that McCain would be a little bit more sensitive about Obama's race in the debate tonight. You know, because that's what sensible, responsible human beings would do. But instead we get McCain calling Obama "That one". "THAT ONE"? That sounds like something a slave trader would say while picking slaves... not referring to Senator Obama as a person, but as a thing. Dehumanizing him, inciting more Obama-hate within his followers. Way to go, Massa McCain.

Seriously, as Bob Cesca pointed out, McCain "cannot stand the fact that he's running against a man who is younger, smarter, more honorable, more successful on his own terms, more self-made, and, of course, more not white, not privileged, not the III in a line of anything" that he has to refer to him as "that one".
Look, he can't even shake his hand after the debate.

As for the debate itself, Obama was dealing it and won by a landside. Obama has a clear plan to get this country back into shape and repair the harm that this Bush administration has done to our nation. A Bush administration that McCain has supported 90% of the time. Some maverick (I can't wait until I never hear that word ever again. I couldn't even watch that Mel Gibson movie ever again after this).

The biggest shock for me in this debate (besides "that one") was McCain saying he would institute a "spending freeze" on all government spending while unleashing a new policy that the government would buy up all the bad mortgages to help the economy. According to economists, this would cost about 300 billion of taxpayer money. Umm, didn't we just give you 700 billion to fix the economy? And now you're telling us we'll have a spending freeze on government programs AND we need to fork over 300 billion more to buy the bad mortgages. Sounds like more Orwellian doublespeak to me. And all this taxpayer money without raising taxes or repealing the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest 5%? Get ready to have EVERY government program cut and for our national debt to keep rising.

Obama made his case to the American people tonight. He was dealing tonight, truly on top of his game, and owned topics ranging from health care to the economy to taxes and foreign policy. Just look at these two candidates and tell me who looks and seems more presidential... Obama makes McCain look like a erratic, tense, delusional man who wandered out of the old-folks home. This is the Kennedy/Nixon debates times 100.

Oh, and this just in... CLEAN SWEEP FOR OBAMA!

HOW CAN ANYONE BE "UNDECIDED" STILL? I really don't understand that, it seems so foreign to me. This election seems like it's been going on for two years. And people are still "undecided"?

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