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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

THIS IS DISGUSTING, McCain campaign.

Ok, first things first.
This is your campaign. This is your party. These are your leaders. Using inflammatory speech to possibly incite violence to increasingly desperate members of your party who are afraid to cede power to a black man. Again, not that I expect much from your party/leaders, but this is really disgusting. And evil. Way to go, "family values" party. Is it still considered "family values" to incite violent racists of your base to take a father away from his young children so that you can win an election?

From Huffington Post:

1) "In the latest instance of inflammatory outbursts at McCain-Palin rallies, a crowd member screamed "treason!" during an event on Tuesday after Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of criticizing U.S. troops.

"[Obama] said, too, that our troops in Afghanistan are 'air raiding villages and killing civilians,'" Palin said, mischaracterizing a 2007 remark by Obama. "I hope Americans know that is not what our brave men and women in uniform are doing in Afghanistan. The U.S. military is fighting terrorism and protecting us and protecting our freedom."
Shortly afterward, a male member of the crowd in Jacksonville, Florida, yelled "treason!" loudly enough to be picked up by television microphones."

2) "At a McCain rally on Monday, television stations caught audio of a crowd member calling Obama a "terrorist," while Dana Milbank reported that "[o]ne Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, 'Sit down, boy.'"
Also on Monday, at a Palin rally, one member of the audience yelled, "KILL HIM!" "

Seriously, has this what has become of this election? I know McCain is desperate, this is his last shot. And this is Palin's last shot to be in the White House too, with her unfavorable ratings reaching George W. Bush levels and everybody but her delusional base knowing that she's an incompetent beauty queen. But to try to incite violence with your inflammatory false accusations in the south, where whites are scared to cede power to the blacks... well, this is an outrage. And beneath even you.

Oh, and Cindy McCain said today Obama has "waged the dirtiest campaign in American history". Really? The Obama campaign... dirtiest in American history? THE McCAIN CAMPAIGN THINKS YOU, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, ARE STUPID.

Thankfully the Secret Service is investigating the potential threat against Senator Obama at the Palin rally

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