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Saturday, August 23, 2008


So I've moved to Portland, Oregon now. I don't know anybody here, I'm completely lost, I don't have a job yet and I haven't applied to school either, but I really like it here. It's just really beautiful and everybody is really nice and stuff. The main reason I wanted to move here, however, was all the culture and music that is up here. Las Vegas (and Provo and Rexburg) was a cultural wasteland where nothing was ever going on. There is actually TOO MUCH stuff going on here in Portland, I'm afraid I will go broke from going to too many shows up here. Just THIS weekend, for example, this area had shows by Beck, Wilco, Liars, Ice Cube, and GZA performing his classic album "Liquid Swords". I'm going to the GZA show, it's gonna be awesome.

The most exciting thing that's coming up is the MFNW Festival here in downtown Portland. This is a 4-day festival going on from September 3-6 but it's not at some big field in the middle of the mountains, it's at about 20 different clubs here downtown. You pay $50 for a wristband that can get you into any show on any day, except when the club is already at capacity (something I'm pretty worried about. Should I hop around to all the different venues checking out the bands I really want to see, or should I just stay and post up to see the band I want to see the most, for fear of not getting in later? We'll see.). Needless to say, I'm really excited for this festival.
Here are some of the bands that are coming.
TV on the Radio
No Age
Vampire Weekend
Cool Kids
Dan Deacon
Britt Daniel (Spoon)
Built To Spill (performing Perfect From Now On)
Fleet Foxes
Les Savy Fav
John Vanderslice
M Ward
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
Sir Mix A Lot (?)
Blitzen Trapper
Del the Funky Homosapien
Matt and Kim
Calvin Johnson

It's gonna be a time.

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Emily said...

Congratulations on making the move!

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