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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Movies Movies Movies 2009

Sorry for the blog sabbatical y'all. I'm very lazy. Maybe I'll blog more?

N E Wayz, here are my twenty favorite movies of 2009. It was a pretty good year for movies... a couple really went outside of the box and were incredibly inspiring. Check 'em out mayne.


1) Up In The Air

2) Where The Wild Things Are

3) UP

4) Hurt Locker

5) Inglourious Basterds

6) A Serious Man

7) Fantastic Mr. Fox

8) An Education

9) 500 Days of Summer

10) Adventureland

11) Zombieland

12) The Messenger

13) Avatar

14) The Road

15) Capitalism: A Love Story

16) The Hangover

17) This Is It

18) Tyson

19) Observe and Report

20) Me and Orson Welles


My least favorite movie of 2009 was Precious. I heard it was great, I was really excited to see it, I even cried a couple times in the theater... and I hated it. I hated it when I left the theater, and, the more I've thought about it in the 2 months since I've seen it... I absolutely hate it even more.
Now, don't get me wrong, it's not ALL awful. The performances were great. I would be shocked if Mo-Nique doesn't win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress (it feels so weird typing that). She was great. I really didn't even know that she was Mo'Nique (probably a good thing) but she was scary-good and scary-scary.
However, this movie was incredibly, almost pornographically-sad and depressing... there is incest, rape, abuse, AIDS, handicapped daughters/sister, and all sorts of incredibly messed-up and ugly stuff that occasionally happens in this horrible world we live in. But the pain and ugliness is unrelenting and without hope... nothing improves, nothing gets better, everything is awful and Precious is hardly in a better situation by the end of the film.
There are also a ton of technical things wrong with this movie. The fantasy scenes are incredibly cheesy and cheap... and they totally take you out of the flow of the movie. The story is just as cheesy... there is even a deus ex machina character called BLU RAIN. N E Wayz, I just really hated this movie. I think it's racist and plays into racial stereotypes and ghetto-ness. This movie doesn't help the "cause" in any way. But what do you expect from a Tyler Perry-produced movie? BLAHH.


Best Performances of 2009:

Male in Leading Role: Viggo Mortensen "The Road"

Female in Leading Role: Carey Mulligan "An Education"

Male in Supporting Role: Christoph Waltz "Inglourious Basterds"

Female in Supporting Role: Samantha Morton "The Messenger"

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