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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I only listen to foreign little-kid music now, you guys.

So tired of "indie" music y'all. Found that real street ish...

Here's Mini Daddy. The best in the business.

And here's Miguelito... the baby pimp. Dude is soooo bad... Boom Boom. Love the dancing seals too.

Heard Miguelito and Mini Daddy had beef... hopefully they don't get them thangs out before they reach puberty.

And here's the original international pimp, Zanger Bob. This dude has been ballin' with chicks on boats WAY before Diddy or Jigga... peep dis.

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Emily said...

Oh. dear. goodness. Those Dutch just do not know when to quit. And I swear that first little boy is saying "Do not eat my burrito". Just sayin'.

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