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Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MLK Day!

Real talk, Martin Luther King is a hero of mine. MLK and Jackie Robinson have always been 1-2 in my book. I just think he's endlessly fascinating and probably the most important/heroic person in the history of our country.

That being said... I guess we all celebrate MLK Day in different ways. Some people remember and practice Dr. King's message of peace and tolerance, a timeless message that is still desperately needed here in the 21st Century. Other people make a bizarre video of an auto-tuned MLK giving his "I Have A Dream" speech behind a Manny Fresh-esque beat. Different strokes for different folks.

This "tribute" is probably the weirdest thing on the internet.

The revolution will not be auto-tuned!

1 comment:

Ariel said...

have you seen that episode of boondocks where he was just in a coma?

i love mlk. love love love.

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