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Sunday, May 10, 2009

President Obama killing it at the WHCD

President Obama was killing it at the White House Correspondents Dinner last night. Seriously, he was really, really funny. I loved the bit about Michael Steele.
"Michael Steele is in the house tonight…or as he would say, in the hee-zee…what’s up? Michael, where are you? Wussup? Michael, for the last time, the Republican Party does not qualify for a bailout. Rush Limbaugh does count as a troubled asset. Sorry."

I know President Obama didn't write these jokes, but whoever did write them should be a writer for Stewart's or Colbert's show. These jokes were that funny.

And here is Wanda Sykes' performance. She was really funny, and a little controversial too. I cringed over her joke about Pelosi wanting Obama and Biden to hang out. And she went so hard at Rush Limbaugh! "'I hope he fails'... I hope his kidneys fail!". I bet Limbaugh lost it when he heard Sykes' bit. I bet he's going to go crazy on his show tomorrow. I can see him crossing all kinds of lines over this.

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