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Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is the greatest thing ever

Here's the trailer for Spike Jonze's "Where The Wild Things Are". I've been waiting for this movie for so long... I'm so glad it's finally coming out on October 16th.

This is probably the greatest trailer ever. The way they showcase my favorite Arcade Fire song, "Wake Up", during the whole trailer is incredible. I couldn't be more excited for this movie!


kt said...

this better not suck.

Mallory Evans Photography said...

it cannot suck if arcade fire is the preview song ahhhh it does look rad

Riot Grrrl said...

"Where The Wild Things Are" won't suck. How could it suck? Spike Jonze is incapable of making a bad film, the man is a genius. And it was written by Spike Jonze and DAVE EGGERS! And Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Bradford Cox (Deerhunter) did the soundtrack!

The mainstream movie-going public won't like it. It will be a box-office failure. It's going to be too weird, too dark, too uncomfortable for the dumb masses looking for a kid's film. It's going to be great though. It's going to be a cult classic.

Real talk.

Aaron said...

this film will embody the essence of imagination of a little boy and how he sees the world and deals with his own issues. totally stoked for it to be here.

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