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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kenneth the Page for President!

I love how pathetic and irrelevant the Republican Party is right now. Seriously, it makes me perversely happy. These idiots have no plan, have zero credibility on fixing the economy, are laughably trying to regain their mantle of small government "fiscal conservatives" after Bush's 8 years were the largest government expansion in American history, and now they're rolling out some more folksy, "Joe Six-Pack's" to tell us that government is evil and that we shouldn't help poor people.

Close your eyes and tell me this doesn't sound like Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock. You know you bombed when even FOX NEWS is making fun of you, Republicans.

Palin/Jindal 2012! Palin/Jindal 2012! Please, please please, let me get what I want.

I honestly think we may never see a Republican president ever again. I know how weird and stupid that sounds, especially when history shows our national elections going back and forth to both parties every couple of years. But with the Republican party rapidly becoming an older, whites-only party, with their failure to court minorities (who will be the American majority in 20 years), and their reluctance to change and adapt to the 21st century and the problems that are facing our generation (climate change, independent energy, immigration, equal rights), I really think it's going to be hard for them to win a national election again. REAL TALK.

I think Bush has done lasting damage to the Republican party. Nobody is going to forget about how bad it was during his administration, and the wars and economic collapse he left us to clean up. And if President Obama knocks it out of the park and is a huge success during BOTH his presidential terms (which I think is a give-in), we'll have a whole generation of lifelong Democrats who'll remember how bad Republicans screwed it up and how the Democrats came to save the day. That, coupled with Bill Clinton's 8 years of peace and prosperity and the changing demographic of the American people, will be a deathblow to the Republican party on the national stage. Of course, Republicans will still be dominant on the local level, with a stranglehold on the South and rural areas, but they could be DONE on a national level!

Frankly, I think Republicans are even lucky that Bush won his national elections to begin with. In 2000, they only reason that Bush was even close enough to steal Florida was because of Clinton's blowjob and the moral furor that arose from that, giving Republicans the upper hand. And then in 2004 Bush won because he had us in the middle of two wars, and it's incredibly difficult to unseat a president during wartime. That, and Kerry really sucked. So the way I see it, Republicans were lucky to even win the last two elections, and with the help of clowns like Jindal, Palin and the rest of these Rush Limbaugh-led Republicans, I can forsee a permanent Democratic majority in the White House.


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