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Friday, October 3, 2008

Say it ain't so, Joe Six Pack

Ok, ok... she didn't embarrass herself last night. COOKIES. It's just sad that her expectations were SO LOW that, as long as she didn't pee her pantsuit or bust out "The Star Spangled Banner" on her flute during a rough patch, she would succeed. The woman is a natural performer, as witnessed by her years on the beauty pageant circuit. She is a used-car salesman, and she knows how to place a well-timed wink at the camera and a cute "Oh gee wiz" shrug of the shoulders. She is the first American Idol candidate.

But it wasn't much of a debate, because SHE WOULDN'T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. She actually said "“I may not answer the questions the way you or the moderator want to hear". Oh, that sucks... CAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IN A DEBATE. Seriously, she would give a one sentence answer and then spend the rest of her alloted time on the campaign's talking points. Umm, if I wanted to hear your prepared statements about whatever you feel like talking about, I'd go to one of your campaign rallies. THIS IS A DEBATE. YOU DON'T GET TO CHOOSE TO TALK ABOUT WHATEVER YOU WANT TO, YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS PUT TO BOTH CANDIDATES BY THE MODERATOR. THAT'S WHAT A DEBATE IS.

The real loser of that V.P. debate was the moderator, Gwen Iffil. She was worried about the McCain campaign calling her out as unfair because she's supposedly writing a book on Obama's influence on black politics, so she just let Palin do whatever she wanted to up there and not answer the questions or talk about the subjects. She never called her on it once, and never even gave her any followup questions about her statements. Seriously, the reason Palin looked so bad in those Katie Couric interviews is because Couric called her on her bullcrap and kept asking her the same questions until she finally got an idiotic response from her. Seriously, all those bad moments in those interviews happened after Couric had repeatedly asked the same question, waiting for her to actually address the topics instead of glossing over them with her winks and cute vernacular. Shame on Ifill for letting her trample over a serious debate and not address the topics at hand, turning her comments into a glorified McCain campaign rally.

I got this chart from my friend Kendal's blog.

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Emily said...

Adam, I love reading your responses to the debates and interviews that Palin gives. You're dead on and say so much better then I ever could, which is why I don't write my own response on my website. Shoot, I should just keep on making links on my blog to your posts, because they're genius. Next up, presidential debate.

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