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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jack White's Bond song... that exists for some reason.

I'm a big Jack White fan. The White Stripes have been one of my favorite bands for almost a decade now and I just think he's one of our generations most talented artists. And it's weird to think of the Jack White from the De Stijl days, who was almost militarily anti-conformist and a pure subterranean artist (who's Stripes turned down a million dollar Gap ad back in 2001 when they were still broke and relatively unknown) would make a song for the new James Bond movie (barf) with Alicia Keys. I think the Jack White of White Blood Cells would take the Jack White of 2008 back to his "little room" and beat the crap out of him, Von Bondie's style.
And... James Bond? How cool! What, was the theme song for Transformers 2 already taken by Phil Collins?

Guess which one used to not sell out to cheesy Hollywood blockbuster action movies?

P.S. If it's hard to tell you apart from Michael Jackson, you should revaluate your look.

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