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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New favorite websites

Notes on High School!

This is a really cool/funny website that just shows notes written by high school students to each other.
I think I like this site because I myself was always so infatuated with notes in high school. Not that I ever received any, but anytime I found a note on the ground or something I would always read it and try to decipher it's meaning/recipients. I always dreamed of receiving a nicely written love note from my crush filled with all sorts of hearts dotting the i's and poetic musings on life and love... oh well.
If you never got any notes in school like me then read these here. And imagine that someone is writing them to you. It might make you feel better (not better).


From the makers of all things LOL comes their new website about celebrities, Roflrazzi. It's pretty funny.

But it's not as good as the original LOLCATS

And of course the political LOL's, Pundit Kitchen

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