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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jay-Z covers Oasis

From Stereogum:

Last night Jay-Z kicked off his Glastonbury headline set with what we hope will be the final word in this ongoing Oasis feud. A few months back, Noel Gallagher claimed it was "wrong" to feature hip-hop at the fest. Jay-Z responded by defending the legitimacy of his art form. The Sun pointed out that Oasis are UK festival royalty and Jay-Z is a former New York drug dealer. Wha?

Pre-show, Jay spoke to Radio 1, saying, "If Noel Gallagher saw me perform ... he wouldn't say that."

Then, the moment of truth. Jay strapped on a guitar and mockingly sang (sort of) and strummed (not really) along to Oasis's biggest hit.

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