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Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Roots!

Man I'm down with that new Roots cd. I've been listening to them since "Things Fall Apart" (one of the best hip-hop cd's ever) but I keep on waiting for them to fall off... I mean, this is their SEVENTH album! How many hip-hop groups keep bringing it on their SEVENTH album? I admit, they fell off big time with the disappointing "The Tipping Point" album but they've definitely gotten their swagger back. Which has me thinking...
Where do The Roots fall under the Greatest Rap GROUPS of all time?
I think my tentative top ten list would be:
1) OutKast
2) Wu-Tang Clan
3) Beastie Boys
4) A Tribe Called Quest
5) The Roots
6) Public Enemy
7) N.W.A.
9) Run DMC
10) De La Soul

Did I leave anybody out?

Here's The Roots new single, "Get Busy", off of Rising Down
Questlove is so sick!

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