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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Legends List

Now that I've seen Prince (I'm still freaking out about that), I was thinking about what music legends I need to see next. I've been pretty lucky and I have seen a lot of my favorite artists who've inspired me most in concert. It was pretty hard to define "legend" for me (do Beck and Wu-Tang count?) but I've seen:
Paul McCartney (my first concert... I was 8 years old!). So this is pretty much as close as you can get to seeing The Beatles since John died, Ringo is still Ringo and George was basically gardening a lot before his death. Which is funny because Paul is totally my least-favorite Beatle.
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (come on, that IS Led Zepplin since John Bonham's passed)
The Pixies
Beastie Boys
Bob Dylan
The Stooges
Kanye West (yes I DO consider him a legend)

So I think I need to now concentrate on seeing: (must be actually reunited and/or touring right now, so no Smiths or Pavement dreams!)
David Bowie
My Bloody Valentine (please come to the west coast this summer!)
The White Stripes
Lou Reed
Belle & Sebastian
The Cure

I can't think of anymore. My head hurts.

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