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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coachella 08: Most chaotic/dangerous

First of all her tent was WAY too packed. What was M.I.A. doing playing in a tent anyway? She's way too huge for that. Anyways, Mal and I pushed our way up front (that's me in that pic) and the set was going great... until for some reason M.I.A. insisted on having people come up on stage with her during "Birdflu". She did the same thing when I saw her at Vegoose and it was nuts and a little unnecessary (although my brother Spencer got on stage with her). So anyways, this already rowdy, overpacked tent exploded, people starting passing out and fighting and begging to be rescued by security and the set was closed down for like 10 minutes while security got a hold of everything. So she only played 6 songs and supposedly the tent almost collapsed and we almost died and everything. But it was punk as fugh, I guess.
A lot of people are hating on the performance... read this.

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