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Monday, March 10, 2008

Darjeeling Limited

I just watched the Darjeeling Limited for the first time on DVD (and the 3rd time total) today and it's such a great movie. I mean, I'm such a Wes Anderson fanatic that the guy could make a two-hour documentary about the sounds of people taking dumps and I'd love it, see it opening day and buy the DVD for myself and others. (Bad example... I'd love that movie no matter who made it.) But I really think that Darjeeling is great and a return to form after the somewhat dissapointing (but of course I still totally loved it... being Wes Anderson and all) Life Aquatic.
However, I'm really pissed that this DVD didn't get released on the Criterion Collection! All Wes Anderson's films (except for Bottle Rocket, his first) have been released on Criterion, with loads of special features and cool cases. But Darjeeling Limited was released by a different studio, so all we get is a crappy single-disc DVD with one special feature and no commentaries. Hopefully they'll work out a deal soon so we can get the Criterion Collection Darjeeling we Wes Anderson fans deserve.
In good news, however, Bottle Rocket is finally getting released on Criterion in a two-disc special edition this year!

Anyways, I totally have this awesome theory about how Bill Murray is their (imaginary) Dad in Darjeeling, did anyone else think that?

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