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Monday, March 10, 2008

Classic Pavement!

I've been listening to a lot of Pavement and Stephen Malkmus, Pavement's lead singer, a lot lately. I think it's because Malkmus just released an excellent new album this week called Real Emotion Trash (check it out!), so I've been listening to that and getting sucked back into the perfection that is Slanted and Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.
This is an old video for "Gold Soundz" off Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain that I've been particularly obsessed with lately. It's such a beautiful song, but be sure to listen to the 1:55 mark where he sings these amazing lines:

So drunk, in the August Sun
And you're the kind of girl I like
Because you're empty, and I'm empty

Seriously, these lines kill me. I think a little part of me dies every time I hear that part, it's just so gorgeous and perfect.

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