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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soft as Chalk

Here's Joanna Newsom performing "Soft as Chalk" on Fallon:

I love this new Joanna Newsom album so much. I just love everything she does, and this new TRIPLE album is probably her best release yet. She's just so talented and her music is so beautiful... I really haven't listened to any new quiet, "pretty" music in a long time (via my boycott of all things acoustic and "folksy") so it's been especially nice to have a new Joanna Newsom album to mellow me out and make love to my ear drums ever-so-softly.

I've also been feeling a little depressed and nostalgic while listening to Have One On Me. Listening to Joanna Newsom always makes me think of an old girlfriend I used to have. She was my best friend and definitely the only girlfriend I've had who liked me as much as I liked her. She's probably the only (non-family) person I've ever hurt too. We used to talk all day/night about music, film, art... and she really loved Joanna Newsom.

I only think about her when something comes out that I know she'll love... I just want to talk to her about how cool it is. I used to love doing that with her. She had really great taste/insights I really respected. The last time I thought about her was when "Where The Wild Things Are" came out... I knew she'd love that.

I just wanna talk to her about how awesome this record is... I know she's probably really excited about it. Last I heard about her is that she's married (again) and drives a Benz...

Wish she'd just join Facebook so I could email her about cool music/movies like old times...

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