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Friday, January 15, 2010


Favorite song ever from my favorite band. Wish I could of seen them live... sigh.

I just found this incredible, UK-only import , 12-CD box set of Smiths singles. I've seen it online for like over a hundred bucks but I got it for $40 at a record store in Las Vegas! Needless to say I was incredibly excited over this rare find. As a Smiths completist (I have tons of bootlegs and live albums) I had to have it.

The coolest thing is that they only made 10,000 of these box sets, making them extremely rare. I got # 5,847. See?

Haters to the left.

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Shaylee Hoellein said...

FANatic. Love getting stoked on music, though. Your collection of The Smiths is comparable to my collection of The Clash. Yours is slightly better, though.

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