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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here is the bizarre, hateful "protest" today against David Letterman for a lazy JOKE he told last week about Sarah Palin's Juno from Juneau. This video reminded me of those hate-filled videos of the McCain rallies last year. So sad :(

So Letterman (a hero of mine) recites a joke written for him by some lowly comedy writer who mixed up the Palin daughters, resulting in him unknowingly making a sex joke about a 14 year-old at a Yankees game instead of her single-mother older sister. Sarah Palin, a sad, desperate politician, feigns outrage and accuses Letterman of pedophilia and practically blames him for ever rape and sexual abuse in the country. And Palin does this while she drags her 14 year-old into this in the first place; nobody knew (or cared) which daughter went with her to New York anyways. So Letterman (a COMEDIAN) apologizes twice on air for his lazy joke. End of story right? The desperate, reactionary conservative media drums up some phony outrage about how Letterman should be fired, which results in this sad "protest" which had more media people covering this "controversy" than there were protesters.


I'm ready for the second Civil War. Let's just get it over with. I don't want to live with these people anymore. We're always threatening to leave the country when our side loses anyways, we might as well just divide it up and try to live some semblance of happiness. The idea of America has failed. Democracy has failed as an experiment. We're just torturing ourselves by continuing to inhabit the same country as these people.

I was so excited about America after President Obama won the election, but I keep getting dragged down by these sad people. These people are holding us back as a nation. These people are the reason why nothing ever gets done in this country, why nothing ever gets better.

Two states
We want two states
North and South
Two, two states

Two states
We want two states
There's no culture
There's no spies


(Stephen Malkmus, Pavement)


spencer said...

sad.... just sad.

Jack Rumsey said...

that is a really sad and pathetic rally. i mean talk about an over reaction

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