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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finally a news-satire show for CONSERVATIVES!!

Do you like the "Daily Show" but hate their well-known liberal bias? Do you enjoy the "Colbert Report" but are one of the few conservatives who realize that Colbert isn't really a neo-con blowhard and is actually lampooning you and your beliefs? Do you laugh at Hillary Clinton jokes during "Weekend Update" but can't stomach it when they pick on poor Sarah Palin? Well, have I got the perfect news-satire show for you! It won't even offend your delicate, fragile sensibilities either!

"Newsbusted" is a "funny" news-satire show by conservatives, for conservatives. There are jokes about the "socialist" President Obama, Al Gore, Britney Spears... heck, there is even a racist joke about NBA players! And listen to that laugh track... so many real, actual people laughing at these hilarious jokes!

Watch your back, Jon Stewart.

Is this what Glen Beck's comedy tour is like?


toast said...

...Wow. I like how she tries to seduce the camera after every "punchline."

spencer said...

this. is. horrible...... that laugh track is so cheesy.


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