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Thursday, May 7, 2009


This story just makes me so sad. Sad for the right-wing media and those that follow it. Sad for the state of our unhealthy democracy.

Some right-wing reactionaries are upset because President Obama put dijon mustard on his hamburger. Seriously. Read about it here. And here. This is the state that these desperate, irrelevant people have succumbed to... criticizing a popular president because he puts something fancy (read: GAY) on his hamburger instead of plain ol' American, fag-hatin' ketchup.

This is why these idiots lose elections. This is why only 21% of Americans identify themselves as Republicans. This is why the Republicans are quickly becoming a regional-only party. And this is why these idiots, when they are in power, accomplish nothing. They're too busy having a dick-measuring contest.

The sad thing is, we need AT LEAST a two-party system to have a healthy democracy. Two SERIOUS parties, not these clowns who are worried that Obama's choice of condiment makes our country look weak or makes it easier for gay people to babysit their kids.

But don't worry too much. 30 Rock is going to save the GOP! (30 Rock is not going to save the GOP)

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