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Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is wrong

To what lengths will this man go to keep frightening his scared, gun-loving, racist, politically-irrelevant dinosaur of a base? I mean... saying the president wants to pour gasoline on you and burn you alive? I'm a huge advocate of free-speech rights, but at what point does this cross over into dangerous hate-speech? Why does he have to use violent imagery to display his disdain for a democratically elected president's policies? That Neo-Nazi guy that just killed 3 Pittsburgh cops was influenced by Glen Beck's rantings. How many more people have to snap and go on shooting sprees in our country before we tone down the fear-mongering and bring everybody together?

I'm beginning to think that Glen Beck is the most dangerous man in our country. His crazy, violent, doomsday fantasies are truly scaring ignorant Americans into thinking that their leaders want to burn them alive or put them in FEMA concentration camps. And they're fearfully lashing out at those around them, as witnessed by the recent rash of murder sprees in our country.


Not convinced? Read Bob Cesca's article "Glen Beck and the Consequences of Crazy Talk". This guy is really hurting our country, and he's just incredibly irresponsible.

I guess Glen Beck gets his "scare the American public" ideas from professional wrestling. Great. Well, Beck and the WWE probably share the same audience anyways.

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