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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Allow me to sip on some haterade

I don't usually post stuff on here that I don't like.

I use this blog to post stuff that I really like, and stuff that I'm really into, or stuff that is funny, infuriating, interesting, ect.. And when I do post stuff on here that I don't like, it's usually disappointing stuff from artists that I really like but I'm just not feeling their new joint. Stuff like T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" video, ya dig?

But I just couldn't help myself on this one. Allow me to sip on the haterade, just this once.


Oh man. I still can't get over how bad the new Eminem song is. How bad the new Eminem video is. How out-of-touch and irrelevant Eminem has become. Seriously, making fun of celebrities and reality TV stars? That is so played out, Eminem. It's like Eminem spent the last 5 years watching the E! Network and reading US Weekly all day.

This song and video is just so lazy. It's like Eminem said "Well, I used to make fun of Moby, Brtiney, N'Sync and Christina... what famous people should I make fun of now? (because I have to make songs that make fun of famous people. That's what I do. The fans are expecting it! I can't let them down, because they just love it so much when I make fun of famous people)". And shame on Dr. Dre for producing this piece of garbage.

I have this theory about rappers... they're only good when they're hungry. Seriously, most rappers need to be hungry, with an ear to the streets, in order to make relevant music. That's why most rappers best albums are their first ones... they're still connected to the streets (because they're poor), and they need to make the most of their amazing situation (making an album). They just try so hard, because they want to get money and move out of the ghetto. Illmatic was Nas's first album. Get Rich or Die Trying was 50's first album. Biggie's first album, Ready To Die, is the best rap album ever. Even geniuses like Jay-Z and Kanye tried SO HARD to make classic first albums (and they did). You just never know if you're going to get another chance.

Well, Eminem used to be hungry. Have you listened to his first album, The Slim Shady LP, lately? Eminem might of been the hungriest rapper of all time. I mean, here was a suicidal white-trash trailer park dude with a dead-end job and a crazy wife and a newborn baby and he somehow got to make an album with the legendary Dr. Dre? Please believe he wasn't going to blow that chance. And then Eminem stayed hungry for a couple more albums, fueling on his relationships with his mother and wife and being a role model for the messed up, rap-rock, Woodstock '99 kids who dyed their hair like him and date-raped like there was no tomorrow.

But now Eminem has (inevitably) lost that hunger, and he makes really awful songs about Jessica Simpson and Amy Winehouse. Seriously, he's just a boring rich dude that lives in a mansion and (obviously) watches reality television and probably messes around on 4-wheelers in his massive yard all day. He is in no way connected to the struggle, the hustle, to reality. How do you rap about being a boring rich guy? Make a diss track about you least favorite caviar company? Just give it up, dude, it's over.


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The Bells said...

Dood I agree totally about the hungry artist makes their first their best. Its like a drug addict, the first time they are high is the best feeling in the world, then they strive the rest of their lives trying to get that same feeling. Eminem has turned in to weird al for the new generation and 50 cent is almost worse he can't do anything now. I think that is why Dre won't release his Detox album that is turning in to Chinese Democracy, because he just might maybe be out of touch. I hope that is not the case in Dre's situation.

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