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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Crying Clown

I really hate Joe Doucheborough, he's the worst guy on MSNBC. But even Doucheborough knows that Glen Beck is a dangerous, fake-crying lunatic. REAL TALK. I do the exact same thing as Doucheborough when I see Glen Beck; break into an uncontrollable laughing fit at his lunacy.

And then, after I have a good, hearty laugh at this ridiculous clown, I feel really sad. Sad that people actually believe this mentally unstable man. Sad that Beck will keep making crazy statements and riling up his desperate, gun-loving, potentially-violent base until one of them actually believes the lies enough to commit an act of violence toward the imagined perpetrators. Sad that some scared white person who actually believes the apocalyptic fantasies from Beck's dark, deranged mind could act violently and "take back his country", or whatever other coded crap Glen Beck tells them to do for 4 hours a day from his "Fear Chamber".

That is where this is leading, folks. Glen Beck is playing the role of the deranged preacher. The raving lunatic. The dangerous cult leader, trying to incite violence in his sad, desperate base. He's probably the most despicable man in the media right now, and the craziest guy Fox News has ever had. And that's saying something.


Check out this Daily Beast feature, documenting the crazy that is Glen Beck. It's a really great article with a lot of deranged Beck clips. Here's an example.


And here's Stephen Colbert TOTALLY EVISCERATING Glen Beck on last night's Colbert Report. Seriously, this is incredible. I would say that this Colbert take-down left Glen Beck hiding under his desk, curled in the fetal position, crying and asking for his mommy to leave the night-light on... but that's probably just an average Tuesday night occurrence in the Glen Beck household.

I'm so excited for the 10-13 project!

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kendal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kendal said...

we so read the same blogs every day. I've known this for a while but now I can pick out which different blogs you are "citing."

I'm going to start calling him joe doucheborough too. Thanks for that one.

Riot Grrrl said...

I got the Doucheborough thing from Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Cramer. I thought he made it up.

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