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Saturday, February 21, 2009

White Stripes on final Conan show

The White Stripes played the final NYC Conan show tonight. They played a different, quieter version of "We're Gonna Be Friends", which is Conan's favorite White Stripes song. It was a pretty somber moment for Conan and the band.

Here's the whole episode. I loved that old-timey baseball part.

It was a really emotional night for Mr. O'Brien, he was fighting back tears all night. I love Conan so much, and I'm glad that he's getting the opportunity to take the big gig in L.A. on June 1st. Hopefully the Tonight Show doesn't make him change and be safe and lame like Jay Leno... that would be a travesty. I just hope the pressure doesn't get to Conan and the suits don't make him dumb it down and grow up and sell out and start interviewing people from MTV reality shows and act like that bland, unfunny Leno. Seriously, Leno is for old people who like their "comedy" as safe and unthreatening as possible. But Conan is for the children. Like, I was looking at his audience tonight, and it was all young college kids. I love that about him. I hope the network doesn't make him change in L.A. :(

This was the White Stripes first performance in almost 2 years! Hopefully Conan will kickstart their creative juices (and ease Meg's acute anxiety) and get them in the studio to create another masterpiece. It's been too long... I need them. They're one of the most important bands of my lifetime and have changed my life so much. When I picked up White Blood Cells almost 8 years ago I was a completely different person than I am now, and I owe almost all of it to them.

I was disappointed with their song choice (although it's Conan's favorite) and their performance tonight... I guess I had been looking forward to it all week and was wishing they would of blown their amps and broken something. I really wanted a cathartic, chaotic performance tonight to appease my longing for them, but instead we got an emotional, touching, fragile performance... which was perfect for the mood of Conan's final show.

I just wish they would of played The Denial Twist (which featured Conan in the video!).

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