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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have fun in jail Chris Brown

I've always hated Chris Brown. I just think he epitomizes everything that is wrong in pop music. Dude is a good DANCER, so then people buy his albums? Really? And I can't stand it when people change their songs in order to sell gum. Seriously, he changed the lyrics to one of his songs (which he obviously didn't even write) in order to sell Doublemint gum. That crosses the crass commercialism line for me... and it's also why I don't listen to Of Montreal since they started shilling for Outback.

BUT ANYWAYS, I've always really hated Chris Brown. And finding out today that he beat up Rihanna and put her in the hospital and made her miss the Grammys (at which they were both supposed to perform) is like icing on the hate-cake. I mean, this little 19 year-old dancing gum salesman beats up women? Seriously? Wow.

I hope he gets ostracized from the music industry and has to resort to being a traveling gum salesman for his beloved Doublemint gum company... IN JAIL. Seriously, he'll have to go around to all his fellow inmates, in all the respective cell blocks, and try to sell gum to hardened criminals to raise money for commissary.

Is it too cruel to hope he gets raped in jail by a Rihanna fan? Cause I kinda hope that happens. They should at least make him dance for his food.

Anyways, in order to get all your Chris Brown HATE out of your system, watch this video of Chris Brown getting a little "excited" on stage. I bet some of his inmates are gonna have fun with that. PAUSE.

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kateladd said...

ii thinkk youu need to get a lifee lovee,, chris brown is the best singer and dancer in the world.. urr probs just jelouse coz u cnt dance or sing like him, he is a babe(L)

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