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Friday, January 30, 2009 is our Bob Dylan?

Here's the new Pepsi commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. I like the Dylan footage, and even the remix of "Forever Young" sounds alright. And I get the message, that teenagers and young folks rule the world and adults suck and parents just don't understand and only cool kids drink Pepsi so why aren't you drinking Pepsi stupid? I get it.

BUT WILL.I.AM IS NOT OUR GENERATION'S BOB DYLAN. I don't get that. Is that really what corporate America believes? No wonder they hate us so much and give their CEO's billions of dollars in bonuses whilst asking for government handouts and poison our environment and pay scientists to tell us that global warming isn't real... if was our Bob Dylan, I WOULD HATE HUMANITY TOO AND HAVE LITTLE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. I would slash and burn and get my hands on anything I could and screw the future and screw the trials and hardships of the upcoming generations in our destructive wake... WILL.I.AM IS THEIR BOB DYLAN. It's ok folks! The author of "My Humps" is their generation's spokesman! Continue to rape and pillage, they don't mind!

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