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Monday, January 19, 2009

My anti-W sticker

This is my anti-George W. Bush sticker that has been on my car the last 4 years. It originally looked like this.

This sticker has survived through the heavy snow of Utah and Idaho, the extreme heat of Las Vegas, and now the rainy conditions of Oregon. It has barely survived, and has been almost unrecognizable for the past couple months, but it has served me well. It has alienated me from the masses in the extremely conservative Utah and Idaho culture; it got me plenty of angry looks, plenty of raised middle fingers (including children, at the behest of their laughing parents) and I swear it got me pulled over at least once in Rexburg. This crappy sticker on the back of my car isn't a big deal... it's not like I staged mass protests against the administration or something. But it was my little subtle way to distance myself from the evil little man, and it has served me well and honorably throughout these years. And now this little fraction of a sticker will be officially retired tomorrow, as George W. Bush FINALLY leaves the White House and retires to whatever hell he came from.

This sticker has publicly distanced myself from all the evil that this administration has wrought throughout these years. It was my little way of saying "I DO NOT CONDONE THIS ADMINISTRATION. I DID NOT SIGN OFF ON THIS. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MAN, IN FACT I ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNED AGAINST HIM AND HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY." It was the only way to keep my sanity (which I almost lost) during these awful 8 years.

I tried so hard to stop him from getting reelected in 2004. I alienated friends and family, some of whom I haven't been close to since. It's really beyond me how America reelected W, after all the horrible things he did in his first term. I don't think I'll ever forgive the American people for that election, although a lot of wounds have healed since Obama's historic win. I really believe that all of those people who reelected Bush in spite of the facts that he lied about Iraq are partly responsible for his mess, and have blood on their hands. NO NEW INFORMATION HAS COME OUT ABOUT W'S FIRST TERM THAT WASN'T THERE IN 2004. ALL OF THE FACTS THAT ARE UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED NOW WHERE OUT THEN. By knowingly reelecting a criminal, everyone became an accomplice to his evil affairs.

But the blood of the over 4,000 dead American troops is not on my hands. The blood of the over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians is not on my hands. The blood of the TORTURED prisoners of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are not on my hands. The blood of the dead Katrina "looters" are not on my hands. The collapse of the economy, set on the shoulders of the Republican free-market/no oversight Wall Street crooks, is not on my shoulders. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE CRIMES.

I'm so happy to see George W. Bush go... I never thought this day would come. I just want him to go away and disappear forever. This man is a disgrace to our country. He has harmed our standing in the world, our moral compass, our education system, our enviromental policy, our battle against global warming, our economy, and is responsible for thousands of pointless deaths. He doesn't deserve to be treated with the same respect as other ex-presidents. He doesn't deserve a presidential library, government buildings named in his honor, lucrative speaking engagements and book deals. He is a leper who deserves to be ostracized from our society. He is a WAR CRIMINAL who risks being arrested for violation of the Geneva Convention the moment he leaves our countries borders. And I hope that someday Bush and his administrations officials will be brought to justice and prosecuted for war crimes. We cannot let these actions go unpunished. We cannot let them happen again.

I'm so glad that the American people finally got it right and elected Barack Obama, who is literally the anti-Bush in almost every way imaginable. I'm so proud for our country and so excited for his historic inauguration, and I have faith that Obama will lead us into a better, more humane society and bring about the change that we all crave. Seriously, tomorrow's inauguration, with Bush finally leaving and Obama arriving in his place, will probably be one of the happiest days of my life.

And tomorrow I'll have a new car sticker to put in the place of my retiring anti-W one...

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