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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekly Faves

I didn't do one last week so here are my favorite new releases of the past couple weeks.
Step Brothers (DVD)

This movie is hilarious. I think you have to totally be in the mood for it or it's immaturity could potentially be annoying, but I loved it. John C. Reilly is just my hero.

The Dark Knight (DVD)

I don't like comic book movies AT ALL (and I really hated Batman Begins) but I can't front... this is just a great movie. I feel it's moved from just being a genre pick, like a GOOD comic book movie, and has moved into being just a great crime movie. Heath Ledger's performance makes this movie a must-see. It's one of the greatest recent performances on screen, right up there with Daniel Day-Lewis's Daniel Plainview and Ledger's own Ennis Del Mar. We miss you down here, Heath.

The Complete Wire (DVD)

Here it is, possibly the greatest television show ever, in a complete boxset with loads of extras. It's only $135 on Amazon too! I wish I would of waited to get all these here instead of buying them separately... I could of saved a lot of money. Check this show out if you haven't seen it... it's just amazing.

Man on Wire (DVD)

This was the best documentary that I've seen all year. It's just breathtakingly beautiful and reaffirms life and adventure with it's suspensful, courageous story. This is a must-see, check it out!

Common - Universal Mind Control (CD)

I've been a big Common fan for over a decade now, and he rarely disappoints. This album has been held back for awhile, but hopefully Common has ironed out all the kinks and will deliver another great album.

Justice - A Cross The Universe (CD/DVD)

This is a CD and a DVD film of the Justice Tour this year. Expect lots of leather jackets, metal bombast, strobing lights, Daft-esque music and tour hijinks.

Pavement - Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition (CD)

Here is the latest Pavement deluxe reissue, featuring a bonus CD of b-sides and live tracks from the Brighten the Corners sessions. I feel that Pavement got worse with every record.. but that their worse is still better than everybody else and they're still one of the greatest bands of all time. Like, Slanted was better than Crooked, and Crooked was better than Wowee, and Wowee was better than Corners, and Corners was better than Twilight... but they are all still great albums that should be owned by everybody. Plus, this album has "Stereo"!

Cat Power - Dark End of the Street (CD)

Here is another album of Cat Power covers. I'm getting pretty sick of these (I haven't even listened to Jukebox yet) but... I still love Cat Power and want to support her. Here's hoping another great ORIGINAL album will be released next!

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