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Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekly Faves

Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreak

Oh dag I'm loving this new Yeezy album! It's so SO sick, I listened to it 3 times today and I still can't get enough. It's just so fresh, different, soulful, realtalk... it's like a retro-futuristic concept album made by a lonely little space alien. It's like "Citizen Kane: The Musical" as witnessed by "Taxi Driver"'s Travis Bickle sitting front row, center. This is the album Wall-E would of made had EVE broken off their engagement, cheated on him with MO and killed his pet cockroach.
Now it's not perfect (that last "song", a rambling live freestyle about Pinnochio, will probably never be listened to by me again) but it's just way fresh and superdope. My favorite track is "Amazing" with Young Jeezy... it'll stomp the air out of your chest cavity. Check it here.

R.E.M. - Murmur

Here is a reissue of the best R.E.M. ever, their first release Murmur. It comes remastered and with a bonus live disc from 1983. If you don't already own this then check it out!

Juno - Deluxe Edition Soundtrack

Here is a deluxe edition of the Juno soundtrack, with an extra disc of songs that were also in the film that were only previously availiable on iTunes. Come on... stop hating already.

Los Campesinos - We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Los Campesinos were one of my favorite surprises earlier this year with their debut album, and here is their second release of the year! Wow these guys have the work ethic AND the lyrical sensibilities of the early Smiths... no wonder I like them so much.

Coldplay - Prospekt's March

This is a new EP from Coldplay with 8 new tracks, feauturing "Lost +" with Jay-Z.

I'm From Barcelona - Who Killed Harry Houdini?

I don't know how I let this one slip by me, but the new I'm From Barcelona record came out last month. Their debut album was one of my favorites a couple of years ago, I can't wait to check out this one from this Swedish supergroup.

Bottle Rocket (Criterion Edition)

Finally Wes Anderson's first film, Bottle Rocket, is getting a Criterion release. I've been waiting for this one all year, I can't wait to check out all of the special features on this often-overlooked masterpiece.

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