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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sad President Bush

This video was really funny.

Poor President Bush... nobody likes you anymore! Please go back to Crawford, Texas ASAP (January 20th... unless you're feeling generous and want to leave earlier) and just stay away from us for the rest of your life. You'll be like Nixon after he left office... a ghost, a silent, unseen reminder of one of the darkest periods in recent U.S. history.

Because the thing is... history is going to judge this president every worse than we do. See, we're still susceptible to the right wing, fear-mongering, solid quarter propagandists who are too stupid and afraid to question and challenge the Bush administration. You know, the same mindless idealogues who still approve of Bush's performance and supported Sarah Palin even though she was another potentially dangerous idiot like W. But history... they will see how massive a screwup Iraq will be, how bad our economy and potential depression is, how we tortured prisoners, threw out our civil liberties... and just how dangerous dissent and intellectualism was to these idiot cowboys and their mindless slaves and supporters. It'll be like how we look back at McCarthyism or the treatment of Asians during WWII or Jim Crow laws or slavery itself... a stain on this great nation that will puzzle and perplex future generations for years to come.

Your children or grandchildren will ask you how it was during this time, and what you did to fight against this cruel administration. Hope you can tell them you were on the right side.

Or you can lie to them.


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