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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Other political thoughts

Oh, you thought I was done? Politics on politics doggy!

This wasn't just shrewd political maneuvering to get to 270 votes. This wasn't the divisive, Rove-style victories of the Bush years, where the country was literally split into red states and blue states with the sole purpose to get to 270 by any means possible. This was a decisive victory. This was a landslide. This was a rejection of broken, backwards conservatism and a mandate for progressive, left-leaning leadership. This was the nail in the coffin of the "center-right" country. This was a rejection of the Bush administration, the Bush doctrine, the Bush tax cuts and the Bush divisive and secretive leadership. This was a mandate for a bigger, more inclusive government, with responsible social programs and more regulation in the economy. This was a rejection of the fear-mongering hate that has kept us from progressing as a country. This was a win for the competent, the smart, the brilliant academics over the dumb, anti-intellectual, simple cowboys of the right. This was a rejection of racism and has spawned a new dawn in American history. This was a win for hope, for change, for coming together as a nation to get through these tough times we have ahead.

It won't be easy for President Obama (it feels so good to type those words). He is taking over a clusterF. Seriously, the country is in such awful shape right now. The economy is on the brink of collapse. The Bush administration has raped and pillaged us for so long, it's going to take years just to fix what Bush has broken. It's going to take most of his first term just to get us back on the right track. We have trusted him this far, let's give him the adequate time and patience to see him through. We can't expect immediate results, but I'm confident they will come and that he will lead us back into peace and prosperity.

You know, I've seen a lot of people writing on facebook about how Obama will screw it up and in 4 years the White House will go back to the Republicans. Smart conservatives will even bring up similarities between Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, knowing that their next Ronald Reagan will come out in 2112 and bring back the presidency to them. Let me set this straight for them... YOU'RE LOOKING AT 8 YEARS OF AN OBAMA PRESIDENCY. This isn't going to be a 4-and-out. President Obama will serve two terms, mark my words. He's going to be so insanely popular. He's going to restore the greatness of the presidency. He's going to be a world leader. He's going to get so much done, change so much of the government, get it working for us again. All of these people complaining about him will be shut up when they see they're middle-class tax cuts, the economy get back on track and peace and prosperity restored to America. He's going to change the broken health care system, making it possible for universal health care for all Americans. He's going to end the Iraq War responsibly, bringing back those that have served this country safely and putting the $10 billion a month we spend in Iraq back into our health care, education and economy. He's going to refocus the war on terror in Afghanistan, and bring Osama Bin Laden to justice. He's going to create a Manhattan Project for energy, and invest money into science to help us with our energy crisis. He's going to focus on climate change, and keeping the earth healthy and vibrant. He's going to finally bring us into the 21st century.

And give me a break about any Republican hopefuls and contenders for 2112. Who do they have to take on a successful Obama presidency anyways? Their party is in shambles. They need to totally rethink their strategy, their positions, and their ideologies if they want to be contenders in the future. It'll probably take them 15 years to get back on track. They've let crazy fundamentalists hijack their party. They're unpopular with young people, desperate for progressivism and change. Their racist policies and supporters make them very unpopular with minorities... and this country is on the verge of being a majority of minorities. Their resistance to change and new ideas make them backwards on climate change, new energy and the social causes of acceptance and equality over their bigotry and hate.

And who would even run against Obama? They have no shining stars, no new hope. Palin? Forget about her. She has turned from a nobody to an oddity to a national joke in 2 months. American has seen just how phony she is, and she will never be taken seriously again. Especially with all of these new crazy developments being released by McCain staffers. She is going to return to Alaska and hopefully the First Dude can start a snowmobile franchise in Anchorage or something. She has more of a future as a talk show host or as the next Judge Judy than in national politics. Sure, she will undoubtedly try to rear her head ( a la Putin) once 2112 gets closer, but the American people will not get fooled by this American Idol again. And don't tell me that Romney is going to get his due in 2112, either. While he is qualified and probably pretty smart and successful and everything... he's Mormon. And the Republicans are too bigoted and hateful to elect a Mormon candidate. Which is so sad, because Mormons bend over backwards for a party that hates them. Don't you doubt it... Republicans like Mormon support, and they will support Mormons locally... but their bigotry and religious intolerance will prevent a Mormon candidate nationally. Which is even more reason to leave that sinking, morally bankrupt party behind!

I really hate it when I hear conservatives say they're going to leave the country when their candidates lose. And this is coming from somebody who was seriously considering moving to Toronto this year, so this isn't some uber-patriotic rant or anything. But I just want to ask them "WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GO?" Seriously, there is no other country on earth where they can have all the stupid rights they cherish more than America. Like, ok, you think Obama is a "socialist" because he wants to take away the Bush tax cuts... so you're going to now move to Canada or Europe, where there is REAL, PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISM and free health care and everything? Right... And try having all your crazy guns in any other developed country. YOU HAVE NO PLACE TO GO! See, liberals on the other hand, we have a lot of places to go. We can go to places that have the things that we desire, like socialism, free health care, more rights and freedoms, public transportation, peace, ect. So SHUT UP CONSERVATIVES... and stop threatening to move to places that would be so much "worse" for you than an Obama presidency in America.

What a joke this whole Joe the Plumber thing was. I don't even like to talk about it because I feel it was so silly and beneath me, but it is truly fascinating that this was McCain's big strategy down the stretch. He even called him his "hero" and lugged him around on the campaign trail. This was so ridiculous, and it goes back to one of my main themes of Republican administrations... THEY THINK YOU ARE STUPID. THEY ARE COUNTING ON THE FACT THAT YOU ARE EASILY LED, STUPID SHEEP. This "Joe the Plumber" was the epitome of their campaign. "Joe the Plumber" isn't named Joe at all (it's Samuel), he isn't a licensed plumber, he's not planning on buying any plumbing business that would be worth over 250,000, and he actually makes 36,000 (so he would get a tax cut under Obama's plan). He wasn't some sincere truth seeker set out to examine the candidates and their tax positions... he was a fraud, who lied to a presidential candidate and told him he was a successful plumber who was going to buy a business but couldn't because of Obama's evil socialist tax plan on the wealthy. Which was all hypothetical pipe dreams for him... he'll never make enough money to actually be in that tax bracket. That the McCain camp vetted Joe the Plumber with the same tenacity that they vetted Sarah Palin shows just how disorganized and sloppy their campaign was. And now Joe the Plumber has hired an agent, is looking for book deals and has landed a country music recording contract. Only in America.... DOES CRAP LIKE THIS EVEN HAPPEN.

After Obama's historic victory last night, I still saw people on facebook spewing out the lies of the McCain campaign. Ummm, you know the election is over, right? And you received a resounding defeat. Why would you still bring up the McCain talking points, you know, all the lies that Obama is a "socialist", "muslim", "arab"... You didn't really believe that stuff, right? That was just campaigning and electioneering and twisting words and events to fit your political spectrum, but you didn't really fall for all of that, did you? Stop trying to divide the country. Even your dawg McCain pleaded with his supporters in his concession speech to come together and support the Obama presidency. Now you can still be hyper-critical of his choices and actions in office, like any good American would be... but let's stop all the lies and innuendo. The election is over. I feel vindicated after 8 long years of being on the losing side, but I'm really trying to be respectful and not rub it in too much. It's time to come together.

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Emily said...

This is a GREAT post Adam! I completely agree with it all. I can't wait for Obama to get into office. Hope, peace, and a restoration of excitement about what this country can do are definitely on their way back to the US. Hopefully everyone can keep in mind that Obama and the government can't do it on their own. He was right in saying that we're all going to have to do our part.

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