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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palin is a criminal!

Great job Palin! Not only are you approval ratings reaching George W. Bush levels of ineptitude, but now you've been found guilty by a bipartisan committee of unlawfully abusing your power in the Troopergate scandal. You're giving us more of these last 8 years of the Bush administration... lying, abusing power, and covering up scandals to achieve your debased goals, whatever the cost.

How insane is this? Is she the worst Vice Presidential pick in history? Seriously, she was only brought on to shake up a dormant, boring campaign and possibly score some disgruntled Hillary voters. The "Palin excitement" lifted McCain's numbers for a week after the convention, and then it's been straight downhill after that. I mean, this is such a disaster of a pick, right?

Wow, so you're the "family values" candidate, huh Palin? I don't want my family to be anything like yours. You don't represent me or good families out there. I hope her husband can revive his snow mobile franchise in Alaska after this because she is DONE in national politics after this election. What a joke.

Here's Sarah Palin's SAT scores btw.


Anonymous said...

" found guilty by a bipartisan committee"

First off the "bipartisan" committee was naything but bipartisan. It was run by two Obama campaign operatives.

"of unlawfully abusing your power in the Troopergate scandal"

No, she was NOT found guilty of abusing her power, unlawfully or not. "Unlawfully" means breaking the law and the committee found no laws broken.

"Here's Sarah Palin's SAT scores btw"

Fake. Exposed as a hoax:

Fake Palin SAT Scores Fool Left-O-Sphere

Anonymous said...




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