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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I love Michael and Holly!

I'm loving Michael and Holly, they're so great together. However, POTENTIAL BAD NEWS EVERYBODY, it looks like Holly might be leaving NEXT EPISODE! From BWE.TV

"Michael and Holly. I really love these two, but have a bad, bad feeling about the rest of the season. Amy Ryan — who plays Holly — is only listed as a guest star, and her time on The Office is limited. Plus, maybe we’re reading too much into it, but next week’s episode is titled “Employee Transfer”, and IMDB lists it as Ryan’s last appearance. Could Dunder Mifflin BMOC David Wallace be behind the possible Scranton Shake-up, following that spied kiss? What will the rest of the season be like for Michael without his lady? On second thought, depressed Michael is responsible for some of the best Office episodes ever… carry on."

Here's the "Baby Shower" episode

And here's the "Crime Aide" episode

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