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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I can't take much more of this election.

Ok, I'm so ready for this election to be over. I just can't handle it anymore.

I admit I'm still really nervous about McCain winning, even though I read some article that said he has a 3.6% or something. I just don't have much faith in the judgement of the American people. I've seen how they've been swayed to and fro by the Hannity's and the Limbaugh's, giving into their fears and racism and displaying open hate as their chances have diminished.

Seriously, these people have made Obama into their own worst fears. I've heard so many people say that Obama is "scary", that they don't trust him, that's he's a socialist, that he's a muslim, an arab, a terrorist, and that he's not "one us us", that's he's a big black scary man who is going to kill our babies and give terrorist fist jabs to Bin Laden. It's been a truly frightening experience. I now know a little of how it must of been to witness the evil hate of the civil rights movement. We haven't witnessed so many racist, fear-mongering displays of ignorance since then, and it has been a frightening, eye-opening sign of just how far some of us haven't come.

But I just need to stop being such a worry-wart. I feel, like Larry David, that I can jinx things. Most things that I really want to happen backfire horribly in my face. Just look at what happened to my Dodgers this year. Or when I really wanted "Brokeback Mountain" to win Best Picture. Or when I was absolutely sure that John Kerry was going to win last time. I'm a horrible barometer for judging public opinion or the outcome of any contest. But not this time. Barack is going to take it home. It's going to be a landslide. It's going to be a deafening defeat to the morally corrupt Republican brand, a defeat that will hopefully last a long time. At least until some elected Democrat gets another blowjob or something and they can spout off on their moral majority again.

But not this time. After these last 8 dreary years, it's time for the good guy to win. For those Rovian fear-inducing hate-mongers to go into hiding. For these racist ignorant people to realize it's the 21st century and that their hate doesn't get to win this time. And they're just going to have to swallow it. For the last 8 years I've been told that I was anti-American because I questioned the Bush administration and I didn't support his policies and actions. This is my payback. And I'm going to revel in it for awhile.

At my sisters' wedding a couple of weeks ago, I heard some ignorant family member say "Obama? What's he going to do as president anyway? All he says is 'change', but he has no plans.". Well first of all, CONGRATULATIONS FOR PAYING ATTENTION TO POLITICS. Umm, he's been running for president for 21 months, and you haven't heard any policy from him? Did you watch the debates at least? EPIC FAIL. So just in case you were too busy being "scared" of Obama, here is his infomercial that he ran tonight, highlighting specific policies for his administration.

I've come across a disconcerting trend in young people this election who choose to stay on the sideline as "Independents", Llibertarians", "undecideds". I just think it's a cop-out. I think it's easy to take this positions on things. You don't have to commit to anything, to actually stand up and support another human being, however imperfect that person may be. These are the people who sit on the sidelines, saying "don't blame me, I'm an independent/libertarian/whatever other worthless, meaningless party" and then complain when things turn out crap. Look, I don't like the two-party system either. Yes, sometimes it IS hard to tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans these days. Yes, Washington is corrupt. But don't give me this crap about being a Libertarian or whatever. Oh cool, BOB BARR. And they think that, by them being "independent", it gives them the aura of sophistication, of smarts, of an almost indie kid-like credibility of seeming too cool for the "mainstream" parties.

Look, if you want to get things done, to affect real change, you have to play the game. And right now, however unfortunate that may be, the game is Republican/Democrat. There is always a lesser of two evils, in everything. Seriously, in every life decision, one option agrees with you more. I mean, what good does it do to vote for Ralph Nader or Bob Barr? What gets accomplished? Your vote is meaningless. Why not join a "corrupt, elitist, mainstream" party, be active in it, and help shape its' ideologies and positions to your liking? Just grow a pair, be an adult, and pick a side, the one which you agree with more or whatever, and give me a break with the rest of this independent crap.

Its the same for people that claim they are undecided still. Seriously, these people have been running for president for almost 2 years, the election is in 6 days and 5 MILLION PEOPLE ARE STILL UNDECIDED. This is maddening to me. What could these people possibly be waiting for? All the facts are out. They've laid their case. You can see the direction that the country is heading. You've lived the past 8 years, and seen that one of the candidates has supported Bush 92% of the time and is offering to basically "stay the course" on his administration. What could keep these people from making a choice already? I mean, THESE CANDIDATES ARE SO SIMILAR AND EVERYTHING! Pick a side, be an grownup.

I honestly think this whole "undecided" pretense is people who don't want to vote for Obama, but save face by saying they're "undecided". It's like they're waiting for Obama (or somebody else) to give them a good excuse not to vote for him. They're thinking "Maybe if I wait long enough, something shocking will come out of the woodwork that will give me a good excuse not to vote for a smart, charismatic, young (and possible dangerous and scary) minority leader, which will let me (in good conscience) vote for an old, craggy 73-year-old candidate and his impossibly unready V.P. (and probable future-president) Sarah Palin". I don't know why exactly. Maybe it's racism. Maybe they just can't get over the abortion or gay rights wedge issues that the right use to mindlessly control them. Maybe they're just really uniformed people who can't separate fact from fiction. I would honestly think that these people would be jumping at the chance to elect somebody like Barack Obama. Seriously. This is our JFK. This is our new, fearless leader who is ready to bring us out of these dark times and into a new, more responsible era. This is rejecting the fear and racism of past generations and embracing change and hope. You can be "undecided" all you want about politicians like John Kerry and John Edwards, but not now. It's time to be a grownup.

As you can tell, I can't take much more of this election. I've pissed off and offended friends. I've had family members shout at me and accuse me of supporting baby killers. I've deleted 15 friends (so far) on Facebook, including family, who've pissed me off with their incessant status updates of "I hate that fag-loving Obama" and "OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST AND A DOMESTIC TERRORIST". Seriously, I've decided that I have too many conservative Republicans friends as it is and that I don't need anymore. It's become a pre-condition for me... when I meet new people, I find out where they stand on things and that dictates if I should attempt to pursue their friendship longer. I honestly think this was why I recently moved to Portland. I wanted to meet more people like me.

I've stayed up late looking at polls, fretting over hypotheticals. I've analyzed daily political theater... the talking points, the rallies, the interviews, the debates. I've studied their stances, their shortcomings, their triumphs. I've listened to the Countdown podcast every night for the past 8 months. I've checked the Huffington Post, Daily Kos and Bob Cesca daily. I've been in this since the before the primaries, and the ugly battles that went on with Hillary Clinton. I've been unemployed for 3 months and I've donated money to a political campaign, something that I would derided foolishly a year ago. I've been numbed to the stupidity of Sarah Palin and the racist crowds at McCain rallies. I just want this to be over, and for Obama to begin the task of trying to unite this divided, often ugly country that I've witnessed over the past year.

By the way, I'm deleting this blog if Obama loses. I'll just have no more faith in humanity and the world won't deserve this crappy blog about Lil' Wayne videos and Wall-E updates.

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Alexis and Casey Treese said...

If Obama loses... are you throwing in the towel and moving to Canada? Did you get my email?
Oh and Casey carved a Jesus pumpkin. Its on my blog, youd probably appreciate it.

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