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Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekly Faves

Speed Racer (DVD)

I have no idea why this movie was such a flop at the box office this summer. Well, I guess I do, because it's a really weird, totally out-there, insanely colorful, headache-inducing live action anime film that is about 20 minutes too long and 20% crazier than most big budget summer blockbusters. But I really loved Speed Racer, I thought it was really sweet. I'm a big fan of the original cartoon so I'm biased, but you should definitely rent it at least. And take some Tylenol before. You'll thank me later.

Young @ Heart (DVD)

This was a really nice documentary about a group of elderly folks who get together and sing songs by The Ramones and Sonic Youth. It's a testament to the power of music, and this documentary was a really cute, emotional look at how music can keep us young and relevant.

The Big Lebowski- 10th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

Blood Simple- Directors Cut (DVD)

Here are some classics from the Cohen Brothers that have been re-released on DVD. And go see Burn After Reading while you're at it, it's really good.

Ghost Town

Ok I'm a HUGE Ricky Gervais fan, and the trailer to his first starring role looks awful. Seriously. It looks really bad. But here is the thing. RICKY GERVAIS IS A GENIUS. I'm not kidding. And I really don't throw that word around lightly. But he is. He's a genius. Watch The Office. Watch Extras. Listen to his podcast. This man is the greatest living comedic genius behind Larry David. So even though Gervias didn't write or produce this film (and I have no idea why... have you SEEN The Office or Extras?), I have full faith that this film is going to be good AT LEAST. Possibly great. Because that's just how Ricky Gervais rolls. And it's currently rocking a 100% on Rottentomatoes, although that's only out of 6 reviews. I don't care that the trailer sucks. I can't wait to see Ghost Town.

That's about it for this week's new releases. However, next Tuesday (9/23), the DVD set that I've been waiting for ALL YEAR is coming out. That's right, the greatest films of ALL TIME (just I & II... III sucks) are being re-released and have been cleaned and restored frame-by-frame in a painstaking process that took over a year to complete. That's right, the single greatest cinematic (possibly artistic) achievement of the last century is being re-released next week.... Can't wait!

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