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Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain has won the debate!... that hasn't even started yet.

Although John McCain just decided that he had injected enough presidential politics into an important economic bailout and relented to debate Obama tonight, and THE DEBATE DOESN'T EVEN START FOR ANOTHER 7 HOURS, the McCain campaign is already running this ad over at the Wall Street Journal website.

Here's the thing about McCain, his campaign, and the Rovian politics of the right. THEY THINK YOU ARE STUPID. THEY ARE BANKROLLING EVERYTHING ON THE FACT THAT YOU ARE STUPID.
You're not stupid, are you?

How can they even advertise that they won a debate anyways? Isn't that an objective thing, like aren't other people in charge of who won a presidential debate and NOT THE CANDIDATE'S CAMPAIGN ITSELF? This campaign thinks we are stupid.

Here's the screenshot

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