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Friday, September 26, 2008


Is it sexist of me to wonder if Sarah Palin isn't mildly handicapped? Seriously, am I being sexist? Because I do. I think she might be mildly, mildly mentally challenged.
I never thought I would say this but... she makes George W. Bush look smart. Like really smart. Like, I have more respect for W now, after watching Palin's TWO WHOLE INTERVIEWS she's given and her FIRST QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION FROM THE PRESS today...
The McCain camp is obviously keeping her under wraps, and only having her give her now-infamous "thanks but no thanks, ebay, chef, maverick, lipstick, hockey mom" stump speech at closed rallies. And it's a good move, because every time she ventures out on her own like this she has people questioning whether she's "fit for command" or not. You know, on account of her being "slow" and all. I can't wait to see her get PWND at the VP debate by Biden... unless McCain decides to suspend his campaign again that week.

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WHO IS COMFORTABLE WITH THIS WOMAN BEING PRESIDENT WHEN McCAIN DIES? This is a nightmare and an insult (ESPECIALLY to women, which makes their whole "sexist" cries so ironic) that needs to end this November 4th.


kendal said...

I like that we were both up in the middle of the night blogging about the exact same thing.

Emily said...

It makes me sick to watch this woman speak and think that there are actually people out there that support the McCain/Palin ticket.
That woman sitting in the VP position is absolutely a joke.

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