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Sunday, August 10, 2008

T.I. "Whatever You Like"

I guess T.I. hasn't forgot about the ladies. Do rappers ever forget about the ladies?
I'm getting a little frustrated with these lady-jams. I just don't really like gender-based stuff. Whether that be Van Damme and Steven Segal movies (guy crap), chick-flicks, or "strictly for my ladies" songs that I have to skip on the album. I'm looking at you, "Lollipop". I believe that art that is truly great will appeal to everyone, both guys and girls. Like, do men like Van Gogh paintings more than women? Do girls like Kanye's "Stronger" more than men? I think that truly great stuff isn't "strictly for my ladies" or "strictly for my players", it's universal.
I like hip-hop albums that are tight all the way through, where you don't even think about skipping a song. I don't skip nothing on Jay-Z's "The Blueprint", Biggie's "Ready To Die" or Outkast's "Stankonia". But when rappers throw on these radio-friendly "lady-jams" and the songs don't fit with the rest of the album, the album looses focus. Like, no matter how dope the rest of "Tha Carter III" is, I have to skip "Lollipop", so it can never be a classic album to me. Nahmean?
Anyways, at least the beat is tight. DJ Toomp is killing it.

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