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Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekly Faves

This is another pretty slow week for new releases, especially music-wise. I guess it's a huge week for the fanboys, as their beloved new Batman movie comes out this Friday. I'm excited to see it, along with everybody else, but I definitely have my reservations. First off, I thought the first one, Batman Begins, totally sucked. A girlfriend and I laughed in the theater when it came out, amazed at how awful it was. I have legitimate, specific beefs with probably 6 scenes in the movie, which I would use to piss off my coworkers at Hollywood Video in college. And, to give it another chance/ be ready for this new Batman movie, I recently rewatched Batman Begins. And I laughed at the same exact parts. And I was generally disappointed. Again. Look, I respect that they were restarting the franchise (saving it from those truly awful Joel Schumacher films) and everything, but I think the main reason that everyone was so excited about it was because it was such an obvious step up from the three prior films (Bat nipples, Robin, et al). I mean, ANYTHING would of been a huge improvement on those, right?
Anyways, I am excited for The Dark Night. I'm not a comic book-movie fan (I just don't get them, I guess) but I do like their darker take on it, and I think that Christian Bale and Chris Nolan are talented (except when Bale does his Batman voice. What's that about?). The main reason I'm excited to see it is for Heath Ledger. He has been one of my favorite actors since Brokeback Mountain and his performance as the Joker is supposedly legendary. Rumor has it that he was so disturbed by his own performance that he couldn't sleep, which may have lead to his death earlier this year. I know his performance is going to be landmark acting, as he is one of the finest to ever do it. I hope the film is a big success for him, and he finally gets that Oscar that he deserved for Brokeback Mountain. Good looking out, Heath.

The thing I'm really excited for this week is the release of Reno 911: Season 5. I love this show so much, it's just so hilarious. There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a new season of Reno 911 for the first time and just devouring each episode until my stomach hurts from laughing. It gets a little worse each season, but it's still guaranteed to kill me at least once an episode.

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Leland Faux said...

Just found your blog--Christian Bale's batman voice drove me crazy. That's probably the one main thing I hope they abandoned for this next one.

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