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Monday, July 21, 2008

Wall-E Week

So last week was Wall-E week on Rotten Tomatoes and IGN. They had a bunch of great, in-depth interviews with the creators and animators. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I don't know what to tell you. Other than you FAIL. And the terrorists have won. And you might be a philistine.

WALL-E Week on RT and IGN

RT - Pixar's and Stars' Favourite WALL-E Moments
Sigourney Weaver, Angus MacLane, Ben Burtt, Jim Morris and Andrew Stanton share their most memorable moments from the film.

IGN - WALL-E Explained
Get an insight into the animation process as WALL-E Directing Animator Angus MacLane.

RT - Inside Pixar - A Photo Tour
Rotten Tomatoes' cameras are given a look inside animation mecca as Pixar opens the doors of its Emeryville, CA campus to us.

IGN - The Pixar Philosophy
Key WALL-E staff including Andrew Stanton, David DeVan and Derek Thompson tell IGN what it's like to work at Pixar.

RT - The World of WALL-E
To celebrate RT's freshest film of the year, we bring together eight WALL-E crew to talk about the film's journey from concept to completion.

IGN - At the Heart of WALL-E
Director Andrew Stanton explains, in his own words, why the WALL-E experience has been a special one and how he crafted the film.

RT - The Storyboards of WALL-E
Story Artist Derek Thompson gives RT readers an exclusive look at the storyboarding process on the film and shares some boards.

IGN - WALL-E UK Review
Critic Anna Smith delivers her verdict on Pixar's latest and adds to the film's fresh Tomatometer...

RT - Ben Burtt's WALL-E Sound Masterclass
The world's most renowned Sound Designer exclusively teaches RT readers the basics of building WALL-E's world of sound.

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