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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pixar List

With my Wall-E obsession reaching an all-time high, I've been going back and re-watching all the older Pixar movies. I haven't watched these movies in years, and a couple of these I only remember seeing once in the theater. I was amazed at how great these movies are. They completely hold up, striking a classic, timeless cord with both kids and jaded, desensitized adults like myself. They look great, but the real treasure in these Pixar films is the story. They put the story first, ahead of the celebrity voices, "cute" animal songs and kid-friendly crotch-hits that are so prevalent in other animated movies. Watching these movies now, it's almost like they're made for adults. Kids like them too, but by avoiding the juvenile pandering that every other animated movie relishes in, while engaging the adults with their themes and wit, Pixar has struck a perfect balance in filmmaking, making them critic darlings and populists. I mean, they're worth more than General Motors!
Although Pixar hasn't made a bad movie yet (although Cars came pretty close), my obsessive nature has forced me to make a list ranking the best Pixar movies. Here it is.


1) Wall-E

2) Toy Story

3) Finding Nemo

4) Toy Story 2

5) The Incredibles

6) Monsters Inc.

7) Ratatouille

8) A Bug's Life

9) Cars

What's your list like?

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