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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

El Perro Del Mar and Lykke Li

Anyone that knows my musical preferences knows that I love gangster/coke rap and girl-singing Swedish chanteuses. And my two favorite Swedish chanteuses, El Perro Del Mar's Sarah Assbring and Lykke Li are touring together throughout America right this instant. I can't wait until I move to Portland in a few weeks so I can actually have the opportunity to go to shows like this. But hey, Las Vegas always gets like Madonna and Motley Crue and crap so... yeah. Anyways here are a couple of videos of the girls singing live on the "Talkaway Show". Prepare to cry.

Lykke Li [ft. El Perro del Mar]: "Dance Dance Dance"

El Perro del Mar [ft. Lykke Li]: "Somebody's Baby"

El Perro del Mar and Lykke Li: "After Laughter" (Wendy Rene cover)

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Marjorie Niele said...

Hey i like this blog,it's so different!Love the pics too!

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