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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Christmas on Mars" FINALLY coming out on DVD

"Christmas on Mars", the Flaming Lips' decade-in-the making"fantastical and disturbing humanistic freakout" film that they self-produced is finally seeing the light of day and receiving an October DVD release. Here's the press release for the film by the Flaming Lips themselves:

"The long awaited feature film by the Flaming Lips is set in outer space on the surface of Mars. The double failures of a clunky old oxygen generator and an exotic but finicky gravity control pod have conspired to weaken the resolve and psychological judgment of the crew and the film's protagonist Major Syrtis. This means he has horrific hallucinations that are centered around the artificial birth of the Christmas baby. An alien super-being arrives and with his otherworldly powers fixes the oxygen generator but it's the station's genius mechanic who fixes the gravity problem."

Sounds... weird.

Here's the trailer

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