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Saturday, June 14, 2008

MBV's first show!

I'm so excited for the My Bloody Valentine reunion. I have a ticket for their L.A. show in October and it seems so far away still. But MBV just played their first show in 16 years and it went great!
From Stereogum:

"Welcome to our rehearsal. The real gigs start next week," Kevin Shields told a 350-strong sold-out crowd at London's ICA tonight. Little consolation to folks who bought tickets to next Friday's Roundhouse show thinking it would be the shoegaze heroes' very first performance in 16 years. C'est la vie. By all accounts (okay, one account) tonight's warm-up show left concertgoers "ecstatic." The setlist included six cuts from Loveless, four from Isn't Anything, and a 20-minute "You Made Me Realise" as a closer. There were strobelights! Guess I will start refreshing YouTube now. MBV has a number of festival stops before visiting the States this fall. Check out the itinerary here. Tonight's setlist photo via Kubacheck.

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