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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is Chris Martin a thief?

From Stereogum:

As you might have heard, Coldplay have a new record called Viva La Vida, Or Death And All His Friends and a song and iTunes commercial of almost the same name. It's pretty common for people to say this or that Coldplay song sounds like Radiohead or U2, but Creaky Boards? There's a Brooklyn band with that name whose vocalist and songwriter Andrew Hoepfner claims Chris Martin saw them perform "The Songs I Didn't Write" at CMJ 2007, then ripped it off in "Viva La Vida." Creaky Boards made a video to bring their claims to light and YouTube.

Thievery or coincidence? The Guardian's blog, where we first saw this story, leans toward the latter:

Coldplay have denied the allegation, saying that their track was written and demoed in March 2007, a full six months before Creaky Boards say Chris saw them play. In fact, it now transpires that Chris Martin might not have been at the gig at all. A Coldplay spokesperson said that Chris Martin was recording at Air Studios in London during 2007's CMJ, and so couldn't possibly have been in the crowd.

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ColdPlay: We'll Steal From Anyone

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